Thursday, October 8, 2015

Aloha from Hawaii

The boys were up early and super excited to head off on the adventure of a lifetime. They were organised and packing the car while I was still brushing my teeth. 

The airport went smoothly and the plane had loads of entertainment. Dinner was actually delicious and breakfast was pretty good too. William got plenty of sleep as he laid across 2 seats and the rest of us napped here and there. 

John came and picked up our luggage as they arrived a day before. The suitcases would not squeeze into the Bumble Bee car as we went for style over practicality. Jack could not stop smiling when we drove to Safeway with the top down to get some groceries. We had Korean BBQ for dinner and it was delicious.

The room has the most spectacular 180 degree view of the ocean and it's perfect for families. There is a full kitchen and the laundry is only 2 doors down. The pool is perfect and there are bbqs.

The boys jumped straight into the pool on arrival then off to lunch and a very short walk to the beach. Jack had lots of energy for someone with less than a couple of hours sleep the night before. After lunch we all napped for a couple of hours and felt ready to take on Hawaii.

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