Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sea Life Park, Hanuma Bay and Tiki Restaurant

William was a little jet lagged and fell asleep on the way to Sea Life Park. We got a car park straight at the door and he bounced out full of energy once again.  

Sea Life park was awesome. It had a relaxed atmosphere which is nothing like Sea World at home. There seemed to be less than a few hundred people in the park. The shows weren't crowded and there was plenty of shade.

Jack's been struggling with not too many GF options so he was very excited to have tortilla chips with guacamole and nacho cheese for lunch.

The aviary was full of love birds and cockatiels which were very friendly. The one below tried to help himself to Stu's back pack.

Below is the famous Wholphin which is a hybrid between false killer whale and atlantic bottle nose dolphin. The only one of her kind. 

After Sea Life park we stopped by Hanuma Bay for some snorkelling then off to Tiki's Restaurant for dinner. We were evicted from the beach as it closes every afternoon at 5.30. Jack was somewhat concerned about the eels in the water but William swam right out into the ocean and found schools of fish. He was so excited he was trying to tell me through the snorkel "FISH!"

Tiki's Restaurant is one block away from our hotel. All of the places we've eaten at have excellent service. They put drinks out and colouring books with crayons before you've even had a chance to look at the menu.

Stu had seared Tuna and I had crab dip which was delicious.

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