Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Birthday Stu & Rohan

For Stu's birthday the boys whispered all week about the surprised they had planned. They bought at least a dozen artworks home 'For Dad's birthday' and there were some secretive meetings in Jack's room involving sticky tape and wrapping paper. We had a quiet family dinner with Grandpa away but we made up for it with an Adults Only private room booked at Chairman and Yip. 

The boys helped to make this 4 layer chocolate cake with Swiss chocolate meringue butter cream and fresh raspberries.  William hand picked the balloon bouquet to look just like a rainbow.

Jack brings in the bins every Thursday but this week he decided to multitask and bring both bins up at the same time. Random, I know.

Both boys had the most wonderful time at Rohan's 4th - Pirate Birthday despite the weather changing to -3 this morning. It was freezing!

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