Sunday, August 21, 2011

30th Birthday

I was spoilt for 4 days for my 30th Birthday this year! It all started with a Harry Potter mud cake at work and my favourite chicken & mushroom risotto for dinner shared with 5 of my favourite Duncan boys. Stu also made a chocolate tart with butterscotch sauce and double cream. It was delicious.

The Motbey's had a shared party with Oscar and Uncle Mike. We had a party food feast.

Jack had a terrible night with pain in his ear. His ear drum burst in the morning but after a full day of antibiotics he was feeling well enough to party on Saturday night.

Th highlight of the party was a margarita machine. Everyone came with masks, Stu made ribs and chicken wings. We drank margaritas till midnight and still had some left for the next day.

Jules made the Masquerade cake and it was a masterpiece. I was wondering why I waited 9 years since the last birthday party I had so I've already put the margarita machine on hold for next year!

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