Sunday, March 30, 2014

A very wet week

It rained and it rained all week. It was a good thing for the heating on the deck. Stu made 1/2 pounder burgers for John's birthday. All were impressed with the quality and quantity of the burgers.

William wore gumboots and took his umbrella to preschool every day and he still managed to come home muddy and damp. After school he told us how much he loved the rain, the puddles, the boots and umbrellas. 

We took the Yabbi net down to Uriarra but the rain caused the river to flow too fast. There were no yabbies to be found but they did manage to catch a guppy that Jack named 'Trixie.' He held in in a container all the way home and popped it into his aquarium.

We started slow on Sunday with boiled eggs for breakfast. 

 I always encouraged them to keep a 'lovey' as babies but no particular toy ever took until now. Jack's Snowy and William's Tigeey get so much love. Snowy is even smuggled into the school bag from time to time. Tonight they made them both beds and William patted Tigeey to sleep. How sweet.

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