Monday, March 10, 2014

Canberra Day Weekend at Durras

Jack was really looking forward to a 3 day fishing trip and William was thrilled to find a beach cabin. He sneakily took his cheese and biscuits to bed. Stu cooked a delicious roast chicken on the kettle drum bbq and we scored the best weather all weekend. 

In between fishing and beach trips William rode his bike around the block while Jack preferred to play battleships and chess. William got quite tricky on his two wheels, riding while standing on the pedals. Then putting his feet on the handle bars and even riding with his eyes closed!?

When he "ran out of power" he refueled with a Cornetto from the store across from the park. 

The fish were biting and we caught 10 on the first trip. Two of those were keepers and we took them straight back to the cabin for lunch.

Jack was quite chuffed that he was the 'expert' fisherman and William, who was happy to be the helper on the first trip, wanted to go back the next day and wind in his own fish!

We watched 'Cat in the Hat' at the park cinema before riding back to the cabin. William was pretty excited to find kangaroos.

In case you were wondering, I was there too. When I wasn't baiting hooks I was in the waves.

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