Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gye's Birthday at Burrinjuck

We set off after work on Friday for a weekend at Burrinjuck for Gye's birthday. The boys were excited and packed all week in anticipation. William was besotted with 3 week old baby Carter and he cuddled him at every chance he could. 

The dam was choppy and cold but we braved the waters in the canoe and paddled out quite a distance, found a relatively sheltered location and threw the lines out. After a while William asked for a snack and I opened the bag and discovered my beloved Nikon was in the bag. We started paddling back to shore and a wave came along which pushed us over. The Nikon, my favourite Gucci sunglasses, the iphone and Stu's wedding ring all took a dive 400 meters to the bottom of the dam. Luckily the boys and I were all wearing life jackets which really did save our lives. The water was freezing but it wasn't too long before a boat came along, picked the boys straight out of the water and towed the boat, Stu and I back to shore. What a drama!

Burrinjuck is less than 90 minutes from home and it was a really great place to relax. William said 'that was so much fun' as we headed out on Sunday. Less than 5 minutes later they were both sound asleep and didn't wake up until we were home. 

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