Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jack gets his ears fixed

After a few ear infections, a burst ear drum and a failed hearing check, Jack went back to Dr Albekka the ENT specialist and he decided Jack would benefit from grommets. It was with some hesitation that we agreed because after Dr Albekka removed his tonsils he was in awful pain for over a week. He assured us there would be no pain this time and although he still had a general anesthetic the procedure would be quicker and Jack's hearing would be restored.  

Dr Albekka was right and Jack and Mum enjoyed his 'recovery day' watching Puss In Boots on DvD. We had pancakes and a milk shake for lunch.

The nurses were quite impressed with our patient. He was very brave and willingly jumped up onto the operating table and went to sleep. An hour after his surgery he was telling them all about how we were going to have a special day and watch a movie "just Mum and Jack."

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