Friday, June 15, 2012

Portrait of Brothers - Remembering

9 times out of ten they actually look just like this to me. They sit next to each other on the couch and hold hands in the car. Jack cheers for William's potty success and William cries when Jack gets dropped off for a birthday party. I am proud of them every day for the little things they do. Jack received 3 awards at school on Friday and William hasn't had an 'accident' at daycare for nearly a month.

They genuinely love and care for each other and today I found them ganging up against me in an argument over which brand of sultana was the best! I am always receiving compliments from strangers on their deep blue eyes and olive skin. Even people who know them well comment on how much they look alike. They are very different though, William the sensitive guy and Jack the entertainer. I can't imagine them all grown up but I know I will miss these days when they are still small enough that I can carry them through the rain. I feel twice blessed.

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