Monday, March 21, 2011


There has been so much going on around here. It's busy 7 days a week!

Sky Fire on the Saturday was great fun. William was mesmerised by the light show and Jack loved it too. There was an annual KFC picnic with heaps of kids to play with. It really was a great night.

Uncle Jame's turned 25 and the boys had their first Indian dining experience. They loved Ruchi's in Belconnen. Great food!

Jack's still doing his Mister Maker projects and this one he painted on his own.

Stu converted the bbq to natural gas after Grandpa and Uncle Andrew put a gas connector on the new deck.

The timber screen went up today and it added to the ambiance, took the wind away and gave us privacy. Every meal has been outdoors since the deck was oiled last weekend and we love the serenity.

Listening to the birds and the rain on the tin roof is beautiful. The lights and heaters are going up this week and a new 8 seater table.

The gate, garden bed and path are still in progress.

So when are you coming for dinner?

William might even give you a kiss!

This little clip is Jack's favourite part of soccer. He really loves soccer and he is doing so well.

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