Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Port Stephens

This is just a taste of the fun we have had so far. The internet is slow to upload pictures from our tethered iPhone so I'll attempt to use the internet kiosk for more later in the week.

The boys traveled well and they enjoyed watching the dvd in the car and ran around like crazy in the McDonalds play area when we stopped for lunch. When we got here it rained for an hour and we were glad to have rain coats to explore the park before it became torrential.

Despite the cooler weather the boys had to try out the pool straight away and then off for a bike ride around the park. We spotted 2 koalas in the trees above our villa and watched them climb up and down the tree as the sun went down. Stu made beef stronganoff for dinner.

When we woke up we went into the plaza and I got a new iphone to replace my one that stopped working just today. We came back for lunch, Harry Potter and another swim. Jack, Beth and Grace painted some plasters and Jack made a sand bottle. When the little boys woke up we hired a go kart and took turns riding around the park. Grace made sure all the kids had glitter tattoos and then we were off to a Spanish restaurant for dinner.

The tapas and paella was delicious. Jack delivered jelly cups to Sam at 10pm before we all finally went to bed listening to the sounds of the ocean and koalas.

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