Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary- Darling Harbour Style

The boys traveled well and learnt to make conversation after the in-car dvd player broke before we had even left Canberra. They were excited about their adventure and Jack was impressed with his King Size bed with a view.

We dined on N2 ice cream for afternoon tea and it was amazing to see the ice cream being formed as the nitrogen was poured into the milk mixture.

The aquarium has been completely renovated since we last visited and they no longer take teachers for free which was disappointing. There goes my only perk! It was also busier than ever since the public holiday crowd was there and we chose a peak time to visit. 

 William was set on finding an octopus and ran through some of the exhibits on his mission to find one. 
Jack's favourite part was the touch pool which I seem to remember being my favourite thing when I was younger too. On our way to dinner we stopped to play at the new water park and playground which had Jack climbing rock walls and giant webs while William stripped to his underwear to run through the water. It was only 20 degrees but he is the water-loving kind and when he saw others getting wet he had to join.  

Dinner was HissHou which put on an entertaining and delicious dinner for all. Jack could not believe that the chef was throwing food around the table!

A short tram ride and we were up to our 5 star bed. 

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