Sunday, February 24, 2013

Canberra Show Weekend

 The weather was perfect for show day with only a light sprinkle of rain and a bit of cloud. The boys had a lovely time and watched the Hilux utes and Free style motor cross with eyes as wide as saucers. William went on his first roller coaster with a big-brother to sit next to, it wasn't quite so scary.

Jack got a Gag Magic show bag which he was given a budget "under $15" for and he didn't mind sticking to it. He even helped William choose and they were both very sure they didn't need a bag with lollies or chocolate.  

 William's favourite part of the weekend is swimming lessons. Jack glances over from the lane beside and notices how much William enjoys it which has helped Jack to enjoy his lesson too.

Anne needed some models so we had a nice time getting our faces painted. I'm thinking I need her for my next birthday party!

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