Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Amazing Race

It's been such a busy week. The weather has been perfect every day and Jack and William have both grown at least an inch. Jack, Stu and I all got new bikes. Jack's first bike with gears and he rode a neat 6kms on Thursday, only stopping once at the half way mark. 

On Friday it was the school disco. Bethany was looking forward to standing in front of the speakers and they both danced the whole time except when 'hokey pokey' came on. Jack says 'I'm never doing that dance again for the rest of my life. It's too dangerous!'

 After the disco we went straight to the circus and were totally amazed by their performances. The boys loved the clowns the most.

On Saturday it was the Joey Sleepover and  ACT border hike. We walked 3kms and dropped the boys back at the hall to sleep in tents, watch movies and eat pizza. Jack was really unsure about staying but once he saw the other kids dragging their sleeping bags over he was there to stay.

 The boys had a political discussion in the back seat on the way back from the hike. Jack's friend Axel pointed out the various campaign signs and told us his Dad voted for the Greens that morning. Jack suggested that Tony might become the new prime minister and (6 year old) Axel said that would be disappointing because he's made some bad decisions. They then compared sausage sizzles!

It was great to have an easy dinner at the club with the cousins after running an amazing race this weekend.

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