Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stu's First Long Weekend

We've all been super busy since Stu started his new Monday- Friday job. It has been so wonderful having a parent at home 4 days a week since Jack was born but William was ready to go to preschool full time anyway, so it all worked out as though it was meant to be. 

William took his kindergarten interview in his stride and was positively charming. He drew a lovely picture of an apple tree for the principal.


Molly had a great birthday party at Nan & Pop's place. We sang along to Frozen and danced in the living room. 

 We enjoyed Stu's first long weekend by sharing brunch at Adore tea and visiting the reptile zoo at Gold Creek. 

Jack's becoming quite the chess champion since joining the chess club at school. He spent some time teaching his apprentice.  


 On Monday we met some lovely people out at Tidbinbilla and winter had really set in. The breeze was icy and there was some light rain but it didn't stop us from enjoying a bbq lunch and a long walk around the sanctuary.

The children watched the platypus for quite some time. The guide pointed out to them how lucky they were to see the platypus so active.  

It was the new Pathfinder's first real drive and it braked quite smoothy when 6 kangaroos jumped out 10 meters in front of it. It was quite a lucky day after all.     

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