Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Holidays - Apples, Chess & Bike rides

Jack won a gold medal for his school chess tournament. He was very excited to attend the C7 chess tournament in the school holidays and he did so well, winning 3.5 out of 8 games.

We ventured out to the Tanbella Orchard at Pialligo on Tuesday which led to a weeks worth of apple love. William absolutely loves apples and he had to try each variety and size for flavour comparison.

Sam reached the quinces. Juliette has been making the most delicious quince paste which I just love to spread on english muffins.

Stuart has started the boys playing magic the gathering and they are absolutely loving it. 

Half of the apples were dehydrated and they didn't last long!

We went for a great bike ride which ended up getting very wet. It started raining when we were on our way home. William made a record time up the hill in the pouring rain.

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