Thursday, August 6, 2015

Accidents and Injuries

It was late on Saturday night when Stu fell unconscious behind the wheel and then all of this happened...

It was nothing short of a miracle that the car ended up where it did. Unfortunately the story didn't just end there. Stu suffered a major seizure in the ED and didn't become conscious for many hours so they did a lumbar puncture and started to treat him for meningitis.  

Another 24 hours later and 6 bags of antibiotics in and he started to feel better. After a few days all of the results came back negative so we were able to go home. 

The recovery has been slow but we have spent the last week just celebrating life. When Stu has had some energy I've dragged him out for movies, milkshakes and lunch. We've had a tough couple of weeks but every day is slightly brighter.

What a good thing to have insurance! 

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