Wednesday, December 23, 2015

So this is (almost) Christmas

It's been a busy week of Christmas fun. The Sydney family came for dinner and gift sharing. We drove around Canberra to see the best Christmas light displays and Uncle Mike joined us for Christmas in the city. 

Bissenger Street, Kambah is always the favourite. Santa arrived right on 8pm. 

Nanna's house is brighter than ever.

I came across a field of butterflies on my morning walk. It was quite spectacular but I only had my iPhone camera.

Jack and William made some sugar cookies which were delicious. 

Uncle Mike and Jack rode on Cappuccino while William and I took a ride on Pretty boy. 

An elf appeared in our house the day after the boys visited Santa. The elf has been very annoying to have around!

Jack enjoyed the Lego advent calendar while William had a Freddo Frog calendar. 

The light tour took us to Springvale Drive Hawker, Tipping Street & Slessor Street McKellar, and Wollf Cres Latham.

We had decided the most tasteful display was at Tipping Street but we were completely amazed by the dancing lights at Wollf Cres.

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