Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fishing at Port Stephens

The fishermen were up at the crack of dawn on their all day chartered fishing trip. I was a bit concerned when I got a text from Stu around 11am to say he was the only one who hadn't caught anything. Thankfully everyone decided to share the haul and there was plenty of snapper to feed the 17 hungry people. 

Simon caught the biggest snapper but he also threw up the most over the boat. Poor Simon!

It rained and it poured all day on Tuesday so we played board games for a while. There was a break in the rain, long enough for the boys to throw a few lines out. The kids were happy with their catches which were all thrown back. Vegetarian Bethany was a bit conflicted with fishing and wanted to name every fish she caught. 

William loved Majong and was actually quite good at reading the Chinese characters.

On Thursday the girls took off to the day spa while the boys went to Fighter World. I can't say enough just how much I NEEDED this time. It went by very quickly but I feel like my batteries have been completely recharged. Juliette has the best ideas!

After relaxing all day at the Spa we decided to go for a Koala walk. We didn't see any koalas this time but there were quite a few birds to see.

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