Monday, January 25, 2010

2 Weeks - Sleep Deprevation

William is growing everyday and today we are celebrating 2 weeks as it might be closer to 6 weeks when surely he'll be able to sleep longer.

Last night was a good night and Will slept like this:

7pm - 10.00
10.30 - 1.30

When I need to be reminded of why I don't want more children, I'll review this sleep pattern. *yawn*

Jack has been an excellent helper and he runs his own 'nappy service' where he runs to the other end of the house the fetch the nappies and runs the used ones to the bin. He has watched countless hours of television while William is being fed but yesterday I fed William while he and Stu had 2 games of bowling. Jack actually won both games and scored over 100 twice.

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