Friday, February 5, 2010

A new routine

Since Stu has gone back to work we have been figuring out how things will run with one mum and two boys. William has been sleeping better but we weren't ready to say anything in case we *jinxed it. Nan says we have turned a corner so we are QUIETLY celebrating!

Jack has watched much less television with playschool only during feeding times (thanks TiVo) and he has been doing painting in the morning and today we made cupcakes.

Be prepared to be updated with Jack's artworks regularly. If I take a photo of them I don't feel so bad about throwing them out :)

Every afternoon we have taken a walk to the park and today the weather was perfect so we walked to the duck pond which is a 45min round trip.

Jack has helped to cook dinner while William sleeps and then Stu comes home to do the bath and bed.

So far we have had a great week. Jack has been cooperative and he has learnt that when William sleeps we play outside or we play quietly.

William has finally accepted his dummy and is stretching his feeds to 2.5-4 hourly so I haven't been tied to the couch for so many hours. I can finally enjoy spending time with the boys without feeling so tired.

On Tuesday I will be QUIETLY celebrating one month. Those first few weeks were extremely exhausting!

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