Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Break

William enjoyed his first soft boiled egg with soldiers before we set off on our holiday.

The boys were excited to explore the holiday house. Jack was excited to sleep on the top bunk for the first time and William was more interested in the pots and pans.

On a late afternoon beach walk the boys got to see people catching fish and reversing their boats out. The rock pools were full of interesting creatures.

We had an early coffee the next day and a visit to the wildlife park. Jack held a snake and asked the ranger if she knew Bindi. William loved feeding the 'wobbily' as Jack called it.

Later that night we enjoyed a bbq with fresh seafood. Jack and Mum watched Alice in Wonderland snuggled in a blanket in the open air cinema under the stars while William had an early bedtime.

William woke up early on our last morning and he was so happy to see Jack when he finally got up. Jack thought this would be a good place to watch tv from. William thought it would be a good place to wrestle.

They both spent hours riding around the park. Jack made heaps of friends and William loved being outside all day.

Mum enjoyed the 3 hour lunch cruise up the river and was excited to watch the dolphin playing in the waves in front of the boat.

The holiday was complete with an ice cream.

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