Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday in Bemboka

Aunty Ren traveled with us to Bemboka for the day while poor Dad had to work. He took a fresh prawn roll for lunch with aioli which looked delicious.

Here is William telling us what the cows say.

And I love how he is dragging Jack down the hill to help sort out some tools for Nan's MONSTER garage sale.

Jack's favourite past time is garage sales and trash and tresh so he he was right into setting things up for Nan and sorting out the treasures.

I helped too! And feeling good after loosing 7.3kgs this term. Can you tell?

It wasn't long before Jack was off for his first ride in the new Jeep with Nan & Pop.

They took an adventure to watch the milking at the dairy. It was Loretta & Jack's first time in the dairy and they were a bit surprised by how messy it all was.

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