Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A day in the life of William

On Monday and Tuesday the boys take life slowly. William takes 2 long naps and won't be happy until he's had his baby chino.

When it was freezing they stayed inside with coughs and colds and drove their Dad a little bit crazy with the playdoh. After I showed Stu this picture below he said, 'Can you see all of those playdoh crumbs?!'

He loves the playdoh and chats to himself while he works. Jack is excited everytime he comes up with a new word. He can say, Juice, Bye bye, Baby, Tar, Jack, Dad, No, Yes, What's this, Shoes, Mum, Rose, toot toot, tickle tickle, dog, cat, woof, hello, dums, don't, there go, there is, cheese, fish and OH NO!

His favourite dessert is custard on banana.

He is a gorgeous boy when he isn't sitting on his brother's head and bossing us all around. ;)

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