Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Angel Incident

Jack was mucking around in his bed when he was meant to bed going to sleep when we heard him coughing and choking. When we got there it was too late and he had swallowed a pewter pocket angel. We met Nanna at the hospital and Aunty Erin stayed with William. We didn't get a bed until almost 5am when we had seen several Doctors and Nurses who decided to try flushing the angel out with a nasal gastric tube. The doctor didn't think it would work but said it was worth a try. If the angel hadn't moved by 10am then we would have a surgery that day.

It wasn't any fun to be hooked up to the tube which made it difficult to move around and made Jack feel terribly sick. The 10am Xray showed the angel had started to move but the bowel was backed up behind. The Doctor would decide at 3pm if he needed to cut it out and everyone was amazed by the size of the angel 4.5x2.5cms but we couldn't find the humor in the xray.

We found some peace in the Starlight room and it was good to have a break from the stress. Jack and I did a painting.

After we woke from a nap we went to the bathroom and the angel appeared. The Doctor couldn't believe it and we jumped for joy! Within an hour the nasal tube was out and Jack was able to eat.

We shared a room with two other boys and their families who weren't going home any time soon. It makes us feel twice as lucky and thankful for the healthy children we have. We will say a prayer for them but we won't be sending any angels.

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