Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tex Mex - Stu's idea

On our last evening in Port Stephens Stu suggested we dine at a Tex Mex Restaurant with cowgirls which didn't exist in the white pages or google. I suggested it didn't exist AT ALL but Stu proved me wrong and even with 13 people we managed to get a beautiful table and dinner was served within 30 minutes of ordering.

The Lane Children

John, Jules and Sam

Stu is looking utterly relaxed. I haven't seen him looking so relaxed since before Jack was born!

The crazy Duncan brothers enjoyed a meal of calamari and burritos.

Jack has loved playing with the girls but his favourite person is big-brother Chris because they share a common love of Lego and angry birds.

After dinner Jack jumped up and down and we hoped his meal and ice cream would stay down. And luckily it did.

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