Saturday, November 24, 2012

School Council

Stu wrote his own bio for Jack's school council and sent it off before I could check it. I nearly DIED when I read:

"Stuart Duncan is a avid gamer and can often be found quelling the latest zombie outbreak while his two sons, Jack and William sleep soundly in their beds. When he is not saving the world, Stuart works at Verizon Business managing a team delivering IT security to Fortune 500 companies. Stuart can also be found working in the garden, 4 wheel driving around Namadgi national park, and hanging out with his awesome wife Rebecca."

After a couple of edits the Principal accepted this late entry:

"I am a family man and a parent at Saint Michael's. I was born in Canberra and enjoy spending weekends with my wife Rebecca and my children Jack and William, in the garden and cycling from time to time. I work at Verizon Business fighting cyber crime to fortune 500 companies. My son Jack will be in year 1 next year and William is a future student of Saint Michael's. I have a keen interest in quality education for our sons and will work towards representing the interests of all parents through the School Council."

Love your work Stu!

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