Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas is coming

The Lego advent calendar has been exciting and every morning there's a new surprise. William loves to open the door and Jack builds the little figures. 

Jack's school Christmas concert was just gorgeous and his report was a credit to him. His best subjects were maths, Indonesian and RE.

Gye and Maryanne had 'the most beautiful lights' by Jack's account and they do get brighter every year. Maryanne cooked an amazing feast (4 Courses) in the thermomix and the most delicious sticky date pudding I've ever eaten. Even superior to the boat house!

 The Urban Family Xmas Party was a Greek theme and another feast. Jules and John hosted the event which went on even through the intermittent showers. There were at least 20 kids all running around in circles. It's certainly getting bigger, noisier and even more fun each year.

The boys had a very quick visit to Santa. We left it a little late this year and the line was long so the boys handed in their letters and Jack told Santa he wanted 'Sky Lander Giants.' William said he wanted 'A horsey ride, a pig and a giraffe.'

Jack's first tooth fell out on 12/12/12 and after seeing the photo The Tooth Fairy left he didn't want her to come again. William on the other hand is mesmerized by her picture and asked a dozen questions.'What sort of wings does the Fairy have?' 'What's her name?' 'When is the fairy coming to my bed?' etc etc. 

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