Sunday, December 30, 2012

Farewell 2012

We spent one of our last days this year with the Great Nan and Pop in Bemboka. It's a wonderful thing for Jack and William to spend a quiet day with great grandparents who love them so much. Nan is fit for her age and played ball with Jack for half an hour. William loved the chooks but was nervous about riding on the tractor. Nan cooked a roast chicken for dinner and the boys are at an easy age where they both enjoy watching a dvd in the car on the way there.

2012 started with a trip to Port Stevens and an angel incident. We had an awesome year and the boys continue to give us joy and energy we never imagined possible. I couldn't possibly love them any more. We went on our first camping trip at Wyangala dam, a snow trip and a mini break in Darling Harbour. We are so lucky to have such great friends, theme nights and dinners on the deck were a highlight. Bec and Geoff were married, baby Matthew and baby Arrabella were born. Jules turned 40 and Jack enjoyed his first year of school. I made some winning desserts while Stu started a fitness trend with a new bike. What a fantastic year. Here's to 2013 and we're off to Tasmania!

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