Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to Hobart

It was an easy trip with 2 x 45minute flights and a 15 minute drive to our accommodation with the hire care waiting for us at the airport. Jack was thrilled to get lunch with a Cadbury chocolate and an activity book on the flight. William was lucky to have a spare seat beside him to make for a comfortable afternoon nap.

Hobart welcomed us with a beautiful rainbow and a slightly arctic breeze. We had plenty of time after checking in to visit the harbour for dinner with the Sydney to Hobart Yachts on display. 
We set off for a day of adventure today and started out feeding the Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout at Salmon Ponds. Stu enjoyed reading everything in the history of fishing museum while the boys took great delight in watching the trout jump out of the water to catch their food. 
It was only a short drive to the Mt Field National Park and a 15 minute walk to the magnificent Russell Falls.

The boys were happy to continue to the Horseshoe falls that were another hour down the track but William’s excitement wore off and eventually they both had to be carried to the car for the last 10 minutes or so.

 We stopped for Lunch at the RedLands Estate Whisky Distillery and they waived the $22pp. guided entry fee when the owners discovered we were fellow Canberrans. Jack enjoyed the fresh smoked Salmon and the tasting plate that boasted freshly baked artisan bread and a barley and haloumi salad. William loved running freely around the beautiful gardens and throwing pebbles in the stream. The house looked like a post card, built by convicts and over 200 years old.

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