Sunday, January 27, 2013

South Durras

We knew there was rain coming when we set out for a camping adventure but it didn't start until well after we had set up our tent, went for a swim and had a visit from Mr Whippy.

We watched the lighting above the tent like fireworks and had an early night. When we woke on Sunday the skies were clearing and it was warm enough for a dip in the ocean, followed by another swim in the pool and a hot lunch.  

The thing about camping we've found is you don't need to 'do' so much. We skipped the 4WDing, zoo and fishing just to hang out, walk along the beach and read iPad books. Jack and Will both complained about leaving the camp grounds to have dinner at the Golf Club! They had so much more fun swimming laps of the pool, riding their bikes back and forward to the park and watching movies in the outdoor theatre.

William was terrified when he walked off in a huff and came across a kangaroo. 
I haven't laughed so much as I did when Stu told me he heard kangaroos outside the tent that night. He couldn't really tell me what noise they made so we tried to guess 'boing, boing'? I guess you had to be there. Tears of laughter streamed down my face.

The rain didn't start until the early hours of the morning but when we woke up ducks were swimming in the pond that was formed right next to the tent. Jack said 'This is the most awesome day ever' after he rode his bike through every mud puddle and found a dead frog all before he was even dressed.

They are real campers now!

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