Saturday, January 19, 2013

Holiday Week

We are still living in holiday mode since we got back from Tassie. Not a day has gone past that we haven't welcomed visitors through the door. Grandpa and the uncles came for a shared birthday dinner of steak, spaghetti  and freshly baked sour dough- Jack's choice.

We enjoyed a day at the pool followed by a day at Questacon. The kids managed to convince me it was a good idea to go on the new twister slide at Big Splash which left me feeling motion sick. The following day I decided I'd try the 360 swing at Questacon which almost gave me a heart attack!

                                                     Click here to watch the whole clip

Stu made a delicious summer dessert and I made my first meringues in the Kitchen aid. The boys tried to conquer the world in Casscone while the kids enjoyed sharing the blu rays that Grandpa bought for the boys.

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