Sunday, January 6, 2013

Port Arthur & Wildlife Adventure Tour

We set off early on Friday morning to Port Arthur which has a large visitors center and each tour operating hourly with 60 + people. We did a 20 minute boat tour and then wandered around the grounds for about an hour before leaving to have a quieter lunch break further up the road.

We joined a Wildlife Adventure Tour which took us about 90minutes out to sea where the sea cliffs are magnificent and the ocean was alive around us with dolphins, seals and a whale right next to the boat. William had a lovely nap as the ocean rocked him to sleep. 

There were 2 boats and we were in the second one. The boats took us right into the caves because although there was a hot wind there was pretty much no swell. It was the hottest day that Tasmania had seen for a few years at least, 42C on shore but as we got further out to sea the arctic wind took it down at least to a comfortable 30C. 

Jack was thrilled to see the dolphins but he thought the seals were a bit smelly. 

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