Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jack's Birthday Marathon

After a birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs (Jack's favourite) we were off to the bowling alley. Jack and William organised themselves and decided they didn't need any help. I was most impressed and shared a lovely coffee.

 The kids played the arcade games as well and Jack scored the big prize which made his day.

As we got home it was sweltering at almost 42C. I tried to teach the boys how to slip and slide but didn't have much luck until Gye came over and really showed them (and me) how to slide. Who knew a bit of soap would make all the difference?

The were still sliding until 8.30pm when we all hoped into the inflatable pool to cool off some more.

Jack met his friends at the Dinosaur Museum the following day. It was a happy reunion and Jack compared bush fire stories with the boys.

Anne did a wonderful job painting 12 little faces in the time she had and the kids enjoyed the private tour followed by pass the parcel.


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