Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dubbo Zoo

It was a perfect day for the 5 hour trip to Dubbo. The kids enjoyed stopping at the Cowra Rose garden and the Dish. Some decided to ride their bikes to the zoo the next day which turned into a disaster after we rode through a patch of cat's head bindis and 7 tyres were punctured. 

The kids enjoyed driving around the zoo anyway. Dubbo zoo is just the way a zoo should be. The animals have wide open spaces and visitors can wander around without the crowds.

The Galapagos Tortoise and the hippos were the favourite and even after 4 hours of driving and walking around there was still plenty left to see the following day. We got back to the Big 4 cabins with time for a swim in the beautifully heated pool before dinner. 

The Urban Family Street Party dinners involved Mexican and BBQ themes. Stu won eveyone over with his 3kgs of chicken wings. The kids particularly enjoyed the soft tacos. 

It didn't take too long for the tubes to be replaced in the bikes the next day. This time we drove the bikes to the zoo and the kids rode for about 5kms before being completely worn out. 

We were so glad we fixed the bikes because the inner parts of the zoo were a beautiful bushland with bridges and animals that we hadn't yet discovered. 

The last dinner was at The Lion's Pride. The kids were impressed with their meals which all came with chips, juice, ice cream and jelly. 

 We dropped by the Dubbo Observatory after dinner and amazingly saw Saturn under the telescopes. It looked exactly like the picture below except you could see the rings rotating. At $20 per adult it was heavily priced but definitely worth it for Jack who is constantly getting out his own telescope and fascinated by space.

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