Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hooray for school holidays

We had some little visitors on Sunday morning and ventured out to Tidbinbilla after swimming lessons. 
The boys enjoyed the novelty of catching a crowded Action Bus to shuttle people from the Tidbinbilla carpark to the playground. The playground had loads of kid orientated free fun but the lines were all quite long so the boys were happy to get a dinosaur balloon and head out to the Sanctuary.

We ran into our urban cousins at the Platyapus Pond. We were lucky to see 2 platypus in the water within minutes of walking up to the pond but the boys were mostly taken by the water bugs and spent almost half an hour looking at them under magnifying glasses and identifying their specimens.

They climbed rocks and Jack said 'look at me I'm investigating.' Rowan pointed out the Cherry Ballard trees which he had found last weekend on a walk around Black Mountain and little Drewbee chased the bigger boys, hysterically laughing with a piece of wallaby poo.


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