Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter Week!

 Jack and Stu oiled the deck early in the week and made fresh hot X buns while Tori enjoyed a play at the new Belconnen dog park.

Then Easter kicked off with a seafood lunch at grandpas on Good Friday and a salmon pasta feast with the Majors that night.
 The Motbeys had a chaotic dinner with grand children excited to see each other and loaded with sugar.


There were plenty of eggs in the front yard on Sunday morning and at a freezing 1C the boys were quick to come back inside and put together some lego sets which were also left by the bunny. 

We took a drive to Goulburn to see the Sydney family which was a lovely way to spend a morning. Goulburn has an awesome park in the center. William and the cousins definitely enjoyed the play spaces.  

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