Monday, October 6, 2014

Broulee Fishing Trip

The best thing about Stu's new job is definitely the weekend time together. The boys have been looking forward to this fishing trip for months and they weren't disappointed. They recounted along the way all the details of their last fishing day-trip and I reminded them that even Grandpa (a fisherman from way-back) has trips where he just doesn't catch anything.

Then of course within 2 minutes of throwing his line out William hooked this massive puffer fish.

William was a lot more interested in fishing this time around. He actually held his own rod for 2 hours both days and could have stayed much longer. He learnt to bait his own hook and caught his own toad fish by dropping his line under the jetty all by himself.

Jack's patience was just starting to wear out when he caught this bream. He was the envy of all the other children (at least half a dozen) on the jetty.

 When we weren't fishing the boys were in and out of the pool. We were so lucky to have 3 beautiful, sunny days 25C+ and we soaked up the warmth.

I asked Jack if he enjoyed his fishing and he said, "It was EPIC and definitely worth the wait!"

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