Sunday, October 12, 2014

Soaking up the October Sun

Even the strawberry plant looked happy to see the sun this weekend. Jack and Sam spent all Saturday at Minecraft bootcamp. The team challenge was the highlight and they all worked together to build and create.

William carried his chicken around all day. When Jack came home we made the most of the sunshine and planted tomatoes and zucchini.

William's chicken barely left his side except when Tori was around. Will has had chats with Tori about how his chicken is for eggs and not for dinner but he realises that Tori isn't responsible enough to trust around chickens.

We stopped by the Living Green Festival and the newly opened Boundless playground was a huge hit with the boys.

On our way home on Friday we decided to track down some geocaches in our area. We came across some particularly friendly horses, kangaroos and TWO caches! 

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