Monday, November 10, 2014

Sculpture by The Sea 2014

Just like last year the boys were excited to drive up to Sydney for the day to see the sculptures at Bondi. They are fantastic travellers at this age. They can work the in car dvd, snack without too much mess and chat along the way. Jack spent a good part of the trip organising his Woolworth's collectable cards as they both opened them all, he read the facts and interacted with the animal sound reader. 

Jack's favourite sculpture was this one, overconsumption. They were amazed by the time it must have taken to put it all together and impressed with the colour. 

William loved these men climbing the rocks but his favourite sculpture was the giant frying pan. "Maybe a giant left it on the beach to cook some children?" Will said. 

We had the best time in the Iceberg's pool. and swam for over an hour before enjoying a hot shower. The weather was a perfect 25C. 

On the way back Stu took a chance and we drove out to Ryde to enjoy Sydney's only authentic Mexican food at Dos Senoritas. Although they didn't offer a frozen margarita they did serve up horchata, which William said tasted like a cinnamon donut mushed up in ice. 

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