Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wombeyan Caves

The last time I ventured out to Wombeyan Caves I was 8 months pregnant with Jack. The place has not changed a single bit. The boys were keen to sleep in their own tent for the first time and they both helped to peg it all out and set everything up before the sun set. 


We woke up to the most perfect weather. The birds were singing overhead and the boys and I went for a bike ride while Stu cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. 

We paid a steep price to do the Fig Tree self guided cave tour but decided in the end that it was worth it. The boys enjoyed the light displays and the bats. 

We ventured back to the camp for lunch and chilled for a while before heading out on another trek to see the Wombeyan Gorge. The boys were keen to head out for a swim even though there was a 3.5kms hike involved.

It was a good thing that we enjoyed some Gluten Free cake for Gye's birthday before setting out. Happy Birthday Gye!

The hike was steep in parts but Kira and Thomas kept an excellent pace. When they finally made it to the water they decided it was definitely worth the walk. We were lucky to see a mountain goat along the way. There were plenty of lizards, tadpoles and dragon flies. The boys could have stayed there all day.

After our adventure we enjoyed chinese pork and rice followed by marshmallows and chess. We all slept heavily after such a big day.

When I asked the boys what they like best about camping at Wombeyan Jack said, "I liked the quiet" and William said he liked, "the cicadas." They really had the best time. Thanks to Gye and Maryanne for organising another great outdoor adventure! 


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