Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

We spent New Years Eve drinking Mount Tambourine Turkish Delight with lemonade overlooking the pool then we wandered down to watch the 8pm fire works on the beach just 100 meters from the resort.

The loudest tropical storm came over between 3 and 4am which left us all exhausted the next day. We sat on the beach while the boys swam and tried to catch little fish in their bucket. We shared the beach with a very large and happy Tongan family. A couple sat right next to our beach tent with their guitar and played 'Under The Rainbow.' It was just beautiful. What luck!

The boys had a long nap in the afternoon before we dined at Arigatou Teppanyaki at Broadbeach. The food was fast, fresh and all GF. The boys loved it. Right next door we enjoyed Gelato and vowed it would be just one. last. treat!

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