Saturday, January 3, 2015

Visiting Aunty Ruth

Lunch with Aunty Ruth in Alstonville was certainly worth the stop. We wished that we had planned to stay longer. We had the most delicious egg and bacon slice with salad for lunch with juice and green tea. 

Ruth was keen to share just a few important pieces of family history. Jack and William ate all of their lunch, they listened to the story and enjoyed looking at the old pictures. Ruth said the boys were "just delightful."

Maude Campbell - Stuart's Great Grandmother

The picture below is of Ruth's father, William Duncan with his first wife.  

Eric Duncan (pictured below) was Ruth's brother and Stuart's grandfather. He was affectionately known as Little Bill Duncan because he was so much like his father.

It really was amazing to hear Ruth's version of the history and her recent travel stories from Scotland. She is sharp and quick witted for someone just shy of 90. Grandpa says she's a very special lady and she most certainly is.

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