Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Easter

Easter began with a Good Friday seafood feast at Grandpa's house. We ran into these gorgeous little bunnies at Majura Park while stocking up on chocolate.

We spent some time lazing in the sun on the new hammock before setting off down the coast. 

This is what we call "glamping".

Mexican in Merimbula after an action packed day at Magic Mountain was delicious.  

Jules ordered Tequila slammers to treat my sinus infection. 

After the excitement of the easter bunny we jumped on an Oyster boat for a tour of the Pambula river oyster farms.

Jack tried his first oyster which he loved and we learnt all about the growing process which takes around 3 years. "Sponge" the oyster farmer gave a very entertaining commentary. He didn't seem to mind the boys running around and answered all their questions. They all took a turn to steer the boat into shore.

The sun came out and the water was warm. The boys swam for over an hour in the surf while I soaked up the sun.

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