Monday, August 29, 2016

Moving DAY

It took much longer than expected to pack/sort and clean the kitchen.

We enjoyed our last picnic-style dinner at our house and went to bed early. Aunty Erin, Aunty Rachael and Tommy came along to help with dismantling beds and blinds. They were a life saver and ensured that everyone had a lunch break.


The removalists came on time and moved everything in 3 hours. 90% of the house contents was moved into storage which we are able to access at any time. 5% was moved to Grandpa's house and 5% was left for styling the house for sale.

We set up the boys room the weekend prior to moving so we all slept very well after moving day. The cat was also very happy with her new bedroom. 

Joel from Steenbergen Painting started painting the entire house the following day and Alex from Gumtree gave our table a fantastic make over.

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