Monday, August 29, 2016

Tori's holiday home, Birthdays and Garden Make Over

I took 2 weeks off work to make sure all house things were running smoothly which was wonderful for everyone. Aunty Erin and Arrabella kindly agreed to take Tori while we are in-between houses. Tori was very happy when she found the enormous backyard. She hasn't even missed us once. 

Juliette bought me this fantastic spiral tool for my birthday which makes all kinds of spiral everything! 

The urban family enjoyed a Turkish feast for my birthday.

Uncle Mike had a big 30th birthday with all of his friends.

Nan, Pop, Uncle Mike, Barry and Deliah came to do a garden make over the day after the party and the transformation was amazing. They added potted colour in every corner and spread a whole trailer load of mulch on the garden beds. 

The boys worked hard all day even after they played soccer that morning. Uncle Barry mowed and edged while Nan pressure washed pavers and concrete. Stu made a slow cooked basil chicken with Roti and Lamb Korma. It really was a team effort. Pop supplied Tim Tams and chocolates for dessert.

The following day William decided he really needed an urgent haircut so we took him to the no-appointment-necessary barber and this happened. It wasn't exactly what he asked for but he was very impressed with the result. Then I wondered...... why did we decide to move house on a full moon?!

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