Sunday, October 30, 2016

Florey Life

Our time in Florey is almost at an end and we will really miss it. Grandpa has taught us so much about life from his perspective. He enjoys feeding the birds but doesn't like the cockatoos too much. Jack and William love it when he lets of the fireworks in the front yard to scare them away.

There has been some competition for the Kitchen Aid at times. Grandpa loves my red kitchen aid so he gave me this antique mix master to use when I was baking for the school fair. 

It was the first year that Grandpa was able to come along to the school fair and he was very impressed with the community spirit. He enjoyed having a chat to the plant sale man and watching the kids gamble their money away on the chocolate trailer. Grandpa helped William to win the Tombola and Jack hung out with his friends.

Every few weeks Grandpa and Wendy make Chinese dumplings and they are just delicious. Grandpa rolls out the dough while Wendy carefully folds them. The automatic dough roller on the kitchen aid has really sped up the whole process. Grandpa is a professional dumpling dough cutter.

Selling and buying a house has been exhausting and stressful and it would have been much more difficult without Grandpa letting us stay with him for a while. We are very lucky to have such a great family!

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