Thursday, October 27, 2016


It was a cloudy day when we went along to our second auction. We were the second highest bidders at the last auction we went to so after all the research I had done I knew we were good contenders for this one. We arrived early to find another bidder had already registered and it wasn't long before there were another 4 registered bidders. Everyone had children and there was a bit of a playful, bbq atmosphere amongst the children playing in the yard while the adults all sized each other up. 

The boys were completely mesmerised by the auctioneer and Stu opened up the bidding. For every bid someone dared to put in he quickly rebutted with another 5000-10000 like a crazy person. The bidding went right up to our limit and stopped just like it was meant to be. We were overcome with excitement. Jack and William were left speechless.

The house is absolutely perfect in every way. The floor plan flows beautifully and there's plenty of light and space. The boys will have their own large bedrooms with a large rumpus room seen above. The bathrooms are perfectly planned with separate toilet and showers. The kitchen is oversized which will allow us to all be cooking together at once and the breakfast bar is perfect.

When we left our house in Holt we all agreed we wanted something just like what we had but bigger and this is definitely the one. We don't need to do anything at all before we move in which makes everything so much easier.

The yard is a good size and everything opens up and flows beautifully. 

I predict many family gatherings right here under the pergola. It's just so lovely right down to the kookaburras on the front door.

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