Saturday, September 11, 2010

8 months today

William is 8 months today and just this week he pulled himself up on the train table and used it to cruise around and pull apart the entire track. He stood without holding for a couple of seconds which completely freaked his mother out! He is eating 'whole food' and yesterday he said 'mum mum.' To which Jack replied, 'ok now say Jack Jack.' He is confident about pushing himself to sit and taking a few crawls forward then some caterpillar crawls to get to what he needs. He has 2 bottom teeth and the first top tooth has just poked through. His favourite foods are pumpkin and arrowroot biscuits. We finally have a good routine of 2x90 minute sleeps through the day and a 30min nap before dinner. Bedtime is 8pm but when the teeth are causing trouble it can be up to 9.30.

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