Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This kid is driving us nuts!

According to William the best way to enjoy noodles is to use two hands to shove it into your face.

That is, after you have tipped the bowl onto your face. I will note here that I did try to help him with a fork to which he shook his head with pursed lips.

And here is William with his 'lovey.' Just like the bath toy he is attached to this green bottle. When we had Maryanne & Gye over for dinner someone put the green bottle on the table and William started scrunching his fists and screaming until Stu remembered his attachment to the green Sprite bottles. Apparently this first happened at Woolworths and Daddy let him carry the bottle all the way home in his car seat. As you can see by the way he is holding it he loves it. After we gave it to him the crying instantly stopped, he resumed eating his dinner and he was talking to the bottle and kissing it. Most children become attached to an adorable stuffed toy which is so cute but Jack carries around his dinosaurs and William..... a Sprite bottle. At least he fits in down at Kippax.

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